Is this you?

You’re an executive:

You have deep experience and expertise in your industry and area, you have led large teams and managed big budgets. You’re between roles, you want to step back from a demanding full-time role, you’re retiring but you want to stay in the game.

You're a management consultant:

You are proficient with or master the management consulting toolkit. You want more flexibility, better work-life balance, or to choose your projects.

You’re a data scientist:

You are proficient with Excel and/or SQL, big data, statistical analysis, data visualization, geo-spatial analysis. You want to work on challenging, data-led business problems.

You’re an under-graduate or graduate:

You are a strong student, and you’re looking to build solid foundational skills for your business career.

If that's you, then we'd love to hear from you!

How we work

We assemble teams that combine senior industry leaders with trained management consultants. Our clients value the combination of senior industry leaders'  deep expertise and experience with management consultants' structured approach to framing the problem, analytical horsepower and independence to solve the problem. We deliver better recommendations, faster and cheaper as a result.

How you’ll work with us

You choose when and where you work as long as you protect client confidentiality, have enough bandwidth for video conferencing, and a few hours of overlap with North American business hours. You must follow operating procedures to deliver outcomes, protect client data and support follow-the sun delivery.

If that sounds appealing, then we'd love to hear from you!

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