Who we are

Consulting modernized:

We are an advisory and analytics firm that partners with clients to build better, more resilient companies. We transform the consulting experience to deliver better, faster and cheaper outcomes.

What we do

We promise better results because:

  • We focus on Outcomes, not Outputs: Clients on board with recommendations, leaders accountable to deliver, are outcomes. Models and reports are outputs. Outputs that don’t lead to outcomes waste everyone’s time.

  • We work With you, not On you: Clients are active in a co-creation process that we facilitate to reach “our recommendation” not “the consultants’ recommendation”. We work in blended teams, not in a black box.

We promise faster results because:

  • We field Experts, not Generalists: an expert on the issue is embedded in the team so we don’t waste time going down rabbit holes.

  • We Follow the sun, not Work your hours: We are a distributed organization with the capability to hand off to another time zone, so the work can continue 24/7

We promise cheaper results because:

  • We are Distributed, not Office-centric: We have no offices; minimal overheads translate to lower fees. Our operations are hosted in Google’s resilient and secure cloud.

  • We collaborate In person when it’s best, not every week: We are not on client site Monday to Thursday, which is a 15-20% saving in project overheads. Time spent not travelling is applied to get to a better answer; and we avoid the emission of tons of greenhouse gases in the process.

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